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Taitavat Suutarit ry. was founded in November 1982. The targets for the five founding members were increasing the image of the shoemaker profession, and improvement of their skills and appreciation.

Taitavat Suutarit ry. consists of 23 independent member shops all around the Finland. The common services consists of traditional shoe repairing, added with modern services, including key cutting, locksmithing, cutting/coding transponder keys for vehicles with immobilizer, engraving, blade sharpening, passport photographs, ski service and sales of the best tools of the trade. Some shops have additional special services. Due to offering such comprehensive services, the member shops of the Taitavat Suutarit ry. are called modern times multiservice points.

The aim of Taitavat Suutarit ry. is to acquire open-mindedly new kinds of services that fit to the range of services of its members. The association serves two parties, the customers and its members, in following ways:

1. Customers

  • We offer guidance and help with the maintenance of footwear and leather.
  • We provide information about the latest development in the area of services.
  • We inform our customers about new materials and methods, and make these available.

2. Members of the association

  • We offer training, opportunities to visit and familiarise with each other, and primarily, we promote internal communications.
  • We enable good business operations, unify the outlook of our member shops when feasible, and create an impression of quality to the shops.
  • Taitavat Suutarit ry. has proficient and friendly service. Customer experiences the friendly service and good atmosphere already at the doorstep.
  • Customer happiness is result of wide selection of services, comfortable premises and above all, professional quality of workmanship.
  • The key to good service is the training arranged by Taitavat Suutarit ry, in co-operation with suppliers on domestic front and abroad.
  • The member owned company Taitavat Oy imports the tools and materials used by the member shops.
  • Taitavat ry. also belongs to the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.

How to contact us:
- If you like to contact Taitavat suutari ry. organization, you can send e-mail to: puheenjohtaja@taitavat.fi
- If you like to contact our import company Taitavat Oy, please send e-mail to:

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